Moody Murder Trial - First Day of Testimony

PANAMA CITY, Fla. Testimony is now underway in the murder trial of former Panama City firefighter Joseph Moody, accused of killing his girlfriend, Megan Pettis.

As the trial started the defense declined to make an opening statement this morning, so the prosecution started calling several witnesses.

Investigators say Moody shot Pettis through a car window in the parking lot of a West 23rd Street shopping center last March.

The first four witnesses testified they heard gunshots and identified Moody as the shooter. He was visibly moved by their statements.

Just yesterday Moody turning down the state's plea deal offer. He chose to go to trial, rather than pleading guilty to 2nd degree murder and serving a life sentence.

Testimony continues as the jury of 14 persons, 7 men and 7 women, were sworn in to hear the case.

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