Moral Monday Seeks Changes

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It was Moral Monday at the state Capitol Monday. Hundreds of people representing unions, the NAACP, and others voiced concerns about the direction of the state. Their ultimate agenda is change at the ballot box

They came by bus from Pensacola and Miami and all parts in between.

"Avon Park, Florida Highlands County", "St. Petersburg branch, NAACP", and like Bishop A. J. Richardson of the AME Church, they came with a common agenda. "We, you and I, have learned through experience that what is legal is not always the equivalent of what is moral."

The three hour rally voiced concerns about voting rights

Leon Russel, NAACP, "Every person no matter their previous incarceration, has an opportunity to full citizenship, participation in this state."

Sot: Sen. Chris Smith of Broward County told the group, "We no longer have white hospitals and black clinics. We have insured and uninsured."

And Congressman Corrine Brown of Jacksonville commented on stand your ground. "How can you shoot and kill an African American youth and walk, and do a warning shot and get 60 years."

One speaker, Rep. Alan Williams of Tallahassee pointed out this would have been the first election Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis could have voted. "We can help Trayvon Martin get home. We can help Jordan Davis get home. The only way we can do that, is by voting."

Now most rallies like this take place on the opening day of the legislative session, but this one jumped the gun by a day. The participants were urged to return to the Capitol often during the 60 day session and to not forget who did what come election day. In Tallahassee, I'm Mike Vasilinda Reporting.

Americans for Prosperity also rallied at the Capitol late today and will spend the next three days pushing a conservative agenda.

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