Scott Bans More Synthetic Drugs in Florida

27 different types of synthetic drugs will now be off the shelves of head shops across Florida.
Governor Rick Scott signed a bill Wednesday that bans the synthetic drugs, like K2, spice and bath salts.
It went into effect immediately after being signed and it makes it a third degree felony for anyone to manufacture or sell.
Some of these synthetic drugs can cause major health problems, from heart problems, to seizures and hallucinations.
Investigators at Bay County Sheriff's Office said they have to stay on top of the trends, because the chemical compounds are always changing.
"They tweak the chemical a turn to the left and we have a new chemical,” said Cpt. Faith Bell. “So then we have to address that chemical, one after another."
Governor Scott said that Florida is at a 41 year crime low, and his goal is to continue that trend by making our communities safer.