More High School Students Enrolling in AP Classes

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PANAMA CITY- "It's very time consuming, it's hard to cope with it too,” said Brandon Salazar, 12th grade student.

Brandon Salazar is involved in many Mosley high School activities.

But he knows what's important for his future.

He’s taking five advanced placements, or a-p courses, hoping his hard work will pay off.

“A lot of time and devotion from the teachers is aimed at the students and they work ultimately to prepare us to work toward the AP exam at the end of the year in may."

A new study shows more than a quarter of all Florida high school seniors are scoring well-enough on a-p tests to earn college credits.

27 percent, graduating in 2013 scored a 3 or higher on at least 1-a-p test.

That’s the fifth highest rate in the nation.

Last year, bay county students scored 3 or above on 854 tests.

"There’s a lot of statistics out there that say students who take an AP class, whether they pass the test or not, they still pass college,” said Sandy Harrison, Mosley high school principal.

Mosley administrators ay they've seen a big increase in students taking a-p courses.

"just 5 years ago, we were offering 650 AP exams, this year we are on track to offer 1,050,” said Rich Hartzer, Mosley assistant principal of curriculum.

Hartzer says the a-p courses also give students valuable classroom experience.

“it allows them to get a taste of what college is like, but they are still in a safe environment. they are in high school, they have the support of their families, teachers and administrations,” said Hartzer.

AP courses are available in a variety of subjects, from English literature and u-s history, to calculus.