More Sporting Events Coming to Frank Brown Park

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Sporting events in Panama City Beach bring in more than $55 million each year to the local economy.

The Panama City Beach Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s sixth annual sports workshop was held Wednesday afternoon to help boost those numbers.

"We take this one day of the year to get as many of them under one roof, to see how many relationships can be forged," said Richard Sanders, CVB Sports Marketing VP.

Tammy Dunaway, the executive director of Girls Inc., said, "It is for the good of all. It helps our organization because it helps build our our numbers our runners our participants and it helps their business because because then we cross promote."

The event brings companies and right holders together to network and talk about attracting business to Frank Brown Park.

Sanders said, "Frank Brown is operating at capacity we are turning away business because we don't have enough fields or we don't have the indoor facility."

Now, developers are looking to build an indoor sports arena.

"It could be a 3,500 seat indoor concert venue. It could be an open area of 80,000 to 100,000 square foot for trade shows," said Sanders.

Part of Panama City Beach's marketing strategy is to bring tourists to hotels and condos.

A majority of those who play sports here at frank brown park are from out of town.

"Our annual economic impact reports is over $55 dollars a year and over 100,000 room nights," said Sanders. "Girls fast pitch is probably going to be generating over 30,000 room nights a year. Boys baseball, right at 25,000."

Organizers hope to make Frank Brown park a year round destination for sports.