More Staffers for Unemployment Site

The state’s new 63 million dollar online unemployment system has experienced a multitude of massive problems, leaving Floridians in limbo as they wait for their benefits to be processed.

“It seems like it will work out, but its just taking a little longer than I thought it would,” said Roosevelt Jackson who was applying for benefits.

Similar complaints have been heard across the state since October.

“They can’t get on, they got to call the 1-800 number, get help with it. But, I didn’t have that problem,” said Kevon Singletary, who was also applying for benefits.

As the state tries to get the unemployment site fully functioning, they will hire more than 300 new employees.

The state continues to withhold three million dollars from the vendor, Deloitte and continues enforcing a 15,000 per business day penalty.

Department of Economic Opportunity Director Jesse Panuccio says if the vendor is unable to fix the system, the state will look elsewhere for a solution.

“Our number one priority is getting claimants’ paid; we need to get this system fixed and fixed now,” said Panuccio.

100 employees who review the claims will be hired in January and February with an additional 50 in March. Another 80 will be added to call centers to help a high volume of calls generated by the computer problems.

The $15,000 day penalty is adding up.

Since the penalty was announced, more the company has been penalized more than $120,000.