$100k Set Asside for Frank Brown Park Improvements

PANAMA CITY BEACH - The Bay County Tourist Development Council is helping Panama City Beach make improvements to Frank Brown Park.

The $114,000 is earmarked for improvements to the ball fields.

Softball and baseball tournaments at the frank brown sports complex have a multi-million dollar annual impact on the local tourism industry.

It's enough money that other communities are taking notice and planning their own facilities.

That's why beach officials are planning to make improvements to stay a few steps ahead.

"Most things either get better or they get worse and I'm glad that this is being improved," said Judy Mullison, Visitor

The TDC is giving the city $114,000 dollars for ball field improvements.

"Within that list there were items like fungicide and insecticide, and fertilizers and special mowing equipment and things like that and aerating the soil," said Mario Gisbert, PCB City Council.

The renovations will continue over the coming months.

Gisbert said, "The batters mount needs to be higher for baseball than it is for softball. we are looking at adding some screen areas for the teams. one of most exciting things that we actually elaborated on in the meeting is the idea of providing WI-fi at the park."

The TDC is also giving nearly $60,000 dollars to the City for a new food vendor ramp, new bushes and additional lighting at Aaron Bessant Park.