More Traffic Cameras In Bay County

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BAY COUNTY-- Bay County Traffic Engineering manager Keith Bryant told Bay County Commission Tuesday morning that the new adaptive traffic signal system will be installed along selected state roadways.

"This new system is live. It will have cameras at every intersection, looking at every approach and it's main goal is to move the main street through a synchronized system of signals, but this system will better serve the side streets," said Keith Bryant, Bay County Traffic Engineering Manager.

The project includes installing 4 new video cameras at 19 intersections, in addition to the cameras already covering the county's current system.

They're be located along 23rd street from 77 to Frankford, and on back beach road, from state road 79 to Woodlawn drive.

Bryant says both back beach road and 23rd street each handle 40,000 cars each day.

"This is 19 intersections. At the end of the day we had 100 intersections that are out there that we are still taking care of every day. So we still have a lot to do everyday," said Bryant.

Larger cities are already using the system.

Bay county can now afford it through a 900-thousand dollar grant from the Florida department of transportation.

"That sounds like a lot of money and it is. But when you reduce travel time, reduce omissions, you have 40-thousand cars on each one of these roadways," said Bryant.

The cameras will not go around the gulf coast state college area, due to the pending highway 98/23rd street flyover work.

The county hopes to start construction in a few months.

The University of Florida is conducting a before and after study to gauge the project's success.