More F-22's Set to Arrive to Tyndall Air Force Base

It's been 10-years since the first F-22 fighter jet arrived at Tyndall Air Force base to begin the mission of training all of the Air Force's Raptor Pilots.
This fall the base will add an operation squadron of raptors from Holloman Air Force Base New Mexico.
The 21 F-22's should be arriving at Tyndall Air Force Base next April.
But personnel to support the new raptor squadron, and their families, will begin arriving in just a few weeks.
"There's just a real great sense of optimism with all these people coming in. I think people coming are pretty excited, said President of Bay Defense Alliance, Tom Neubauer.
It will mean an additional 800 jobs at Tyndall, and several thousand new residents.
"It's going to be pretty difficult, so they are reaching out to those families and kind of giving them an idea of what to expect," Neubauer later says.
A group of local community leaders has already visited hollomon air force base to answer all types of questions about the relocation.
"I am very impressed with how well prepared they are with this move, so I think its going ot be seamless for them. Business are doing better they are optimistic they will see a surge of growth. Real estate market is certainly recovering anyway, but it is adding to that surge.
And it will have a multi-million dollar annual impact on the local economy.
It will compensate the area for the loss we took when the military decommissioned Tyndall F-15 squadron a few years ago.
Neubauer claims, "We felt some pain when the F-15's went away and 800 people moved out and we are feeling the opposite of that now."
Commanders are also preparing the base for the addition.
"So basically what we are doing is trying to fill some of the capacity that the base has and we are going to be re-utilizing some of the old facilities that we have, basically moving people back into building that have been here for many years, said Tyndall's Operation Group Commander, Max Marosko.
The first Holloman families should start arriving here in October.