More than 100 Pink Slips for Bay County Teachers

The first week of May is filled with panic for many teachers, especially first year teachers.
Bay County's contract with the teachers union requires the school district to notify annual contract teachers if they will be renewed or released.
Thursday, there were just over 100 teachers given letters of non-renewal.
Officials at the school district said there are several factors that go into these decisions, first the budget has not been set for next year, and the populations of the schools shift and change.
"As an administrator, this is probably one of the most difficult tasks we'll have to do,” said Glenda Nouskhajian, the principal at Hutchinson Beach Elementary School. “To give out non-renewal letters to annual contract teachers."
Officials also said close to 70% of those teachers will be re-hired, at their current school, or a different one in the area.