Morrison Springs Experiences High Levels Of Bacteria

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Last Wednesday officials with the Walton County Health department took a routine sample from Morrison Springs and found higher than normal bacteria levels.

"The first one was 68 which are above the 61 that we use as our guide for resampling. The other was 376 and so we put the sample results in on Wednesday we get them back Thursday. We got those results and they were elevated. We went out and resampled on Thursday those results came back even higher" said Walton County Environmental Scientist Charylene Godwin.

Those higher results prompted county officials to close the water over the weekend and into Monday.

"This weekend they felt that it was necessary to go ahead and close that water just to be safe and make sure that our population our public that are here, our citizens as well as anybody visiting don't have any adverse effects from entering any kind of water that may be contaminated or have a high bacteria level" said Walton County Public Information Manager Louis Svehla.

Godwin says there are several factors that can produce high bacteria levels.

"Anytime there's heavy rains, you get all of that waste material that's in the woods from wildlife and even human waste gets washed into the water" said Godwin.

County Officials says making the water off limits is rare. But after getting advise from the health department they decided it was best for the safety of residents and visitors.

"We take a lot of our direction from the health department. They know what the different bacteria can do. What health concerns there are associated with different things that can get into our water” said Svehla.

The Latest tests were taken today and won't be ready for 24 hours. They will know then whether it's safe to get in the water. However the park is still open.