Mosely High School Band Director is being investigated

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Panama City - Lynn Haven Police are investigating misconduct allegations against a local high school band director.

School officials have placed Mosley High School Band Director Jamie Birdwell on administrative leave with pay.

Jamie Birdwell has been band director of Mosley High School since 2001. He was even nominated as one of the 5 finalists for Bay County's teacher of the year in 2009.

Thursday news surfaced Birdwell is being accused of possible inappropriate contact with a male minor, some time this month.

The police documents do not specifically say what inappropriate contact means in this case.
Mosley High Principal Sandy Harrison says the allegations would be out of character for the Jamie Birdwell she knows.

"Never ever had a parent or a child say anything like he looked at me funny or he gives me the willie's or anything like that never," said Harrison.

Harrison says the vagueness of the investigation is fueling concerns.

"There's a lot of angst, a lot of wonder 'is it true' there's a ton of rumor's," said Harrison.

Birdwell's attorney did not help fill in any of the blanks.

"At this point we're not in any position to comment on this investigation. In fact I think it would be inappropriate to comment on it at this time," said Jim White.

The school district has suspended Birdwell with pay.

"Typically that would be a suspension with pay until the next school board meeting or until the investigation is complete," said Tommye Lou Richardson.

But life for the students will go on. Harrison says some of the band members have a concert next week at Troy University. She says filling in as band director will be Birdwell’s wife the band director at Mowat Middle School.

"I think we're the only band in Florida that has been selected to go and play at the concert, so they're quite excited about it," said Harrison.

Birdwell maybe able to return to work once the investigation is completed and the school board approves.

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