Mosley Chemistry Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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Students say in Mr. Hair's classroom chemistry is anything but dry.

"Mr.Hair is an incredible teacher, he is hilarious, he has these stories that he tells that pertains to the lesson and it makes like remembering stuff easy," said junior Sean Gautier.

"Everything is chemistry I tell them," said Mr. Hair

In a world of atoms, isotopes and periodic elements, students say his humor makes even the toughest concepts memorable.

"I didn't remember isotope stuff and then he told a story and I was like, now I remember," said Gautier.

"He is just a wonderful well liked teacher his students take what is for most a very difficult subject and breaks it down, makes it fun," said Principal Sandy Harrison.

"Mr Hair is an amazing teacher, he goes in depth with everything that we do, he will sit there and explain every single little thing to us multiple times," said Damian Johnson.

"If you can make it fun and understandable, they can understand it and feel like they can do it then, and they are more likely to be receptive to some of these more in depth subjects that we cover. Also if we can relate it to things that occur in every day life, things that they can relate to then that helps tremendously," said Hair.

Congratulations to Mr. Joe Hair, this week's golden apple award winning teacher.

"He gets the best out of his students and they love him for it," said Harrison.

"The best part of this job are the kids, that is what gets me up every morning, I love my students they become like your own family so that is what keeps us going," said Hair.

"He is an amazing teacher if you get the chance to have him, take it," said Johnson.