Mosley High Pilots New Vending Machine Program

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LYNN HAVEN - Mosley High School students now have another lunch option. The school is part of a pilot program utilizing a state of the art vending machine.

Mosley High students can now choose to either wait in line for a hot meal or choose an item from the school's new vending machine.

"I think it's really nice that they're adding healthier choices and also the fact that if you have free or reduced lunch, you can get it for the same price as a normal lunch," said Walker Cole, a student at Mosley High School.

Chartwells, the company that provides lunches for the district, installed the machine in October for breakfast, but just recently put in lunch items.

Mosley High School is piloting the program.

"So we wanted to pilot it at the Mosley site because we knew that this site would be ideal. It's central of the city and we wanted to see how it would go with these students," said Jonathan White, Chartwells Operations Director.

Students simply have to put in their birthday and then their student pin and then a breakfast or lunch item rolls out without putting in any sort of money. The machine also provides peace of mind to students on the free or reduced lunch program.

"For some people it's kind of embarrassing if they have free or reduced lunch and this is a nice little additive to it to add to the discretion," said Cole.

"Trying to help level the playing field for kids through no fault of their own are in that situation is a wonderful thing," said Sandy Harrison, Principal of Mosley High School.

The machine usually costs $13,000, but district officials secured a Dairy Council grant to buy this one.

If the Mosley vending machine program is successful, Chartwells officials could expand it to other Bay County schools.