Mosley High School Algebra Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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Lynn Haven - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches algebra at Mosley High School in Lynn Haven. Mrs. Denery-Page was nominated by a student who says she completely changed his perception of math. "I hated math before I got in her class, now I like it a little bit more because it's easier than it used to be," said Tyrick Humes. "She makes math fun the way she teaches it."

With today's emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math, strong STEM teachers like Mrs. Denery-Page are more important than ever, at every level. "She is very kind and gentle with a loving push. She gets a lot out of the kids and their math program," said Mosley Principal Sandy Harrison. "She is very energetic and fun. She is always making sure we are doing good and if we aren't,' she offers tutoring," said Hope Koller.

Algebra is hands-on in her class Mrs. Denery-Page's class. She incorporates lots of group work and uses the latest technology to keep students interested. "They really love it, they get more involved," said Mrs. Denery-Page. "They help each other more and they keep each other on track. It keeps them more active and engaged in what we are doing in class."

In addition to the all the equations and word problems, Mrs. Denery-Page works to make her room an inviting haven for students; a break from the world that isn't always kind. "A lot of them have hard home lives. some of them have great home lives, but I never know what they've been through at home at night and then they come in to school the next day so I want to just be the smile they see when they come into my classroom."

Congratulations to Mrs. Denery-Page, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "I love Mrs. Page," said Tyrick.