Mosley High School Celebrates Achievements in Dolphins Through the Decades Ceremonies

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PANAMA CITY -- Mosley High School kicked off their homecoming week in this afternoon's Dolphins Through the Decades ceremony.

Past principles joined graduates, and alumni at the high school this afternoon.

The Dolphins Through the Decades ceremony Sunday included a tribute to Mosley High School's first principle Marvin McCain.

Seated inside Mosley high school, alumni, past principals, faculty, and previous students helped celebrate a joyous event.

Mosley High School Principal Sandy Harrison said, "Were just here to celebrate and reminisce and enjoy Mosley."

There were plenty of cakes and the school's ROTC Colorguard even performed.

Mosley's current principal described today's event as a 'reunion of sorts'...stating that the school has a lot to rejoice about.

"There at the door visitors were greeted with programs like these to celebrate dolphins through the decades,” Harrison said.

New flooring was recently added to the high school's gymnasium.

"Ever since Mosley was built it was a rubberized floor which was all the rage back in the 70s when the school was built.
And they've resurfaced it several times and then finally decided the district to…its time for us to have a wooden floor,” said Harrison.

Another joyous occasion Mosley High School came together to celebrate today was the 90th birthday of Charter Principal Marvin McCain.

McCain was Mosley high school's principal in the 1970s. He says he was about 57 when he left the principal position at the school.

Marvin McCain, charter MHS principal said, "It's really exciting; I’ve been gone from Mosley a long time this is like coming back home."

Aside from celebrating his birthday, McCain is very pleased with the gym's new flooring.

"This is much better than the rubber one, or whatever one we had, the synthetic one we had earlier, was good, it was good but this is, this is great. This is beautiful," said McCain.

Mosley High School plans to start an alumni association to help make decisions like these.

Any alumni that were not able to make the meeting and want to know more about the alumni association can contact the school's administrative assistant Erin Morris at