Mosley High School Drama Director Wins Golden Apple

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LYNN HAVEN- This week's Golden Apple award winner is head of the drama program at Mosley High School. Bruce Taws was nominated by a parent who writes: "Mr. Taws uses his own money, skills, and time to engage students in the arts. He reaches out to all kids to make sure they all feel included. He is the epitome of what teaching is all about. He's a teacher who puts his heart and soul into our kids."

For 28 years Bruce Taws has helped students find their voice on stage. "The biggest thing is those who walk into the class and say "I can't do this. I won't do this." I say just give it a chance, just give it a try, and after a monologue here, a duet scene there, or an improv game, the next thing you know they are the ones coming alive and showing others what they can do," said Mr. Taws.

As the head of Mosley's drama program he's helped thousands grow in confidence, on stage and behind the scenes. "It never fails to amaze me, the talent he gets out of our kids. Even just the run of the mill kid that wants to be in his class that gets on stage for a performance, he gets the most out of those kids," said Principal Sandy Harrison.

He believes in his students, and they know it. "Just walking in everyday, I've made so many friends. He just gives you so much confidence being here," said Bryn Walls, a junior. They appreciate his zest for teaching and for life. "You can tell that he loves what he does. He loves all of his kids like they are his own. He comes in every morning just excited about teaching and directing," said Caitlin McNeilege, a senior. "He is so much of a father figure to me, it's ridiculous," said Meghan Carter. "I never knew I could like a teacher so much and be so inspired by a teacher," she said. "He puts his heart and soul into it. You can tell by everything he does, he is really passionate about it," said her brother Gregg.

Congratulations to Mr. Taws, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "I sit and watch every play like a proud father. It's just so amazing what they can do together," said Mr. Taws.

"I would just like thank Mr. Taws for all the wisdom and the love he has given us and the best 4 years that he could possibly give us," said Caitlin.