Mosley High School Gets Wooden Basketball Court

PANAMA CITY - Mosley High School is kicking off their homecoming week Sunday afternoon's Dolphins Through the Decades Ceremony.

The Dolphins Through the Decades Ceremony included a tribute to Mosley High School's first principle Marvin McCain.

Attendees helped McCain celebrate his 90th birthday.

The gym named after the school's first athletic director, Jim Redfern, had a new wooden floor put in at the beginning of the school year.

Sunday was the big reveal ceremony along with a ribbon cutting. \

Mosley High School Principal, Sandy Harrison said, "You know when you hear people in the community they're like 'What's the big deal about a new wooden floor?' It's because we've never had one. It's been a rubber floor now it's a wooden floor so were very excited about that."

Previous Mosley High School principles also spoke at Sunday's ceremony about the importance of the new floor.