Completion of Mosley Half-Cent Tax Renovations is Delayed

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LYNN HAVEN-- Construction crews are hard-at-work at Mosley High School and could be for several more weeks.

Their renovation project will not be completed by the beginning of school next week, but school district officials are rolling with the delays.

The sounds you'd expect the week before school begins, are drowned out by something else: construction.

It's one of the biggest construction projects in Bay District Schools' history.

Crews are giving Mosley's classrooms, hallways, common area and cafeteria a $7 million makeover.

But the renovations are behind schedule, mainly because unforeseen roadblocks got in the way.

The halls may look empty now, but in about one week they'll be flooded with students. And that puts crews on a tight deadline.

"There is a lot that can happen between now and next Tuesday when school starts," Mosley Principal Sandy Harrison said.

Harrison says the classrooms have been the top priority, and they'll be ready. But that's not the case with the hallways.

"The tiles and the floor will not be done. They're still manufacturing that. So the students will be walking on bare concrete," she said.

Harrison says strict safety standards will still be in place.

"It will be clean, but it won't be pretty," she added.

She says the new cafeteria will be ready, but without the food lines.

Students will need to bring their own lunches or buy bag lunches at the school for the first several weeks.

Despite the delays, students seem to agree the results will be worth the wait.

"If it looks like the pictures i think it will totally be worth it," sophomore student Laura Lasater said.

"I love the school. It's a great school," sophomore Jaylin Sapp said. "It's a great place to learn and there are a lot of great people here. But the campus is a little bit on the downward side and it does need to be improved."

District officials say they hope the project will be finished by October.