Mossy Head Industrial Park Update

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WALTON COUNTY-- Right now piles of dirt and concrete make up the Mossy Head Industrial Park.

But in the coming years, Walton County Officials hope to have this area filled with businesses.

"To provide jobs, jobs, jobs, that is so key--and good paying jobs,” said Commissioner Bill Imfeld.

Six establishments will be going into the park, including a Loves truck stop, a hotel, an IHOP, two trucking companies and a tire mart.

"It gives us another avenue and way of employment,” said Larry Jones, County Administrator. “This will drive the housing market, which will increase ad valorem taxes."

As of now, only 25 percent of the industrial park is filled.

County officials say they get calls on a regular basis about businesses wanting to come in.

"We are looking for compatibility, and what that means is we have an infrastructure and when they build their buildings it is going to be things aesthetically pleasing to the public and welcoming to families that come in,” said Commissioner Imfeld.

The companies purchase the land for about $20,000 an acre.

The county uses that money to maintain the industrial park.

County Officials are hoping to have the Loves Truck Stop open by Labor Day weekend.

As for when the rest of the industrial park will be open, there's no specific time frame.

All county officials want is to bring more economic development to the northern part of the county.

County officials have spent $2 million to develop the park, and estimate they'll spend another $5 million to complete it.