Mossy Head Man Murdered

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Twenty-two year old Chrispen Ramirez and sixteen year old Haley Nicole Bowden are in the Walton County Jail, charged with an open count of murder. Sheriff's Deputies were already looking for Bowden, after her family reported her as a runaway. They believe sometime Thursday night or Friday morning, Bowden and Ramirez showed up at a home on Juniper Avenue.

"We received a call of a trespass complaint on Beaver Dam Road. At that time the caretaker of that property located a vehicle partially submerged in the water" said Walton County Investigator Wendy Ammons.

The car belonged to Arthur Gerald Anderson. Anderson was house-sitting the home on juniper avenue for a friend. That's where he apparently found Ramirez and Bowden.

"The further investigation revealed that Bowden and Ramirez had murdered Anderson after he had confronted him at this residence for entering it" said Ammons.

When investigators showed up at the Juniper Avenue home, they say Ramirez and Bowden had already begun covering their tracks.

"The couple then attempted to burn the residence, they stole his vehicle and then they dumped it" said Ammons.

Bowden surrendered peacefully, but deputies claim Ramirez, who was carrying a knife, threatened them, so they tazed him. Both were booked into the Walton County Jail on a number of charges including murder.
Ramirez and Bowden are due in court for bond hearings. The case will go to a grand jury for possible indictment.