Motel Guest Captures Escaped Killers Arrest on Video

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Eyewitnesses at the Panama City Beach motel that Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins were arrested in say the arrest was handled quickly.

Witnesses say the Coconut Grove Motel was flooded with law enforcement.

They describe several unmarked cars pulling up around the motel with guns drawn.

People staying at the inn also say there were nearly two dozen armed U.S. Marshals on every stairwell of the motel.

Then officials allegedly used a bullhorn to call out to the people in room 227 to come out with their hands up.

Eric Stewart a guest at the motel said, "After about ten minutes one guy finally opens the door, comes out, guns drawn and he hits the deck. Finally a few minutes later his buddy sees his friend on the floor. He comes out and they take him down. Three more people rush the room to make sure no more people are inside."

Another motel guest, staying across the way from the room, pulled out his cell and recorded the incident.

John Swab said, "They just started screaming and nobody was answering and they started hollering, 'Come out! We know you're up there and we are coming in after you.' Pretty soon two guys walked up with their hands up in the air. It was pretty intense here for a while."

Authorities reportedly took several bags of evidence from the room.

People staying at the hotel say they did not hear gunfire.

Motel employees would not say when the two checked in.