Motive Uncovered in a Panama City Beach Kidnapping

The motive behind the kidnapping of a woman in Panama City Beach last week has been uncovered.

The FBI said Flors Turcio-Arias had been part of a multi state sex trafficking ring and the the accused kidnappers wanted her back.

Affidavits say Turcio-Arias, who was kidnapped from her front yard on Thursday, was a government witness in a human trafficking investigation.

One of the two men arrested in connection with the kidnapping, Jacobo Feliciano-Francisco, was driving the Nissan used in the kidnapping, according to the FBI.

After forcing Turico-Arias into the car, they say an unidentified passenger threatened to kill her uncle and children if the uncle went to police.

Once in Hattiesburg, the FBI says Feliciano-Francisco admitted he called the other suspect in the case, Ruperto Flores, and asked them to pick up a woman and take her to Louisiana.

As you know by now, Turico-Arias was able to escape through a bathroom window of Feliciano-Francisco's house in Hattiesburg and walk to the police station.