Motorcycle Accident On Thomas Drive

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- A Panama City Beach man is in the hospital with serious injuries after he apparently lost control of his motorcycle.

It happened at the intersection of Thomas Drive and Dolphin Drive in Panama City Beach just before midnight on Wednesday.

FHP officials say 32 year old James Daughtery was making a left turn on Thomas when he lost control of his bike and hit the curb.

"He cut the curve , cut the roadway short there ,and the motorcycle struck the curb, the raised curb subsequently putting the bike on its side and ejecting the driver. The driver's been transported , injuries to this point we know he's at the hospital ,unknown extent of injuries everything else is under investigation," Sergeant B. Weaver of the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Daughterty faces several charges including driving under the influence and refusal to submit to blood alcohol level test.