Family and Friends Hold Motorcyle Ride to Remember Shooting Victim

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Panama City Beach- Kris Foster struggled to hold back tears Sunday as he prepared for a motorcycle run honoring his brother William "Scooter" Foster.

"We're going to do it. He's right behind me, so it's for him," said Foster.

He helped set up the event and said he couldn't think of a better way to celebrate his brother's life.

"That's all we ever did. That's what our family's known for is riding, riding in the wind. The sun on my face, the wind in my hair. That's a ride," said Foster.

Foster died last weekend after Bay County Sheriff's officials said his girlfriend Shantal Acevedo shot him four times in the bathroom of the couple's home. She claimed self defense and investigators said they still believe that, but not Foster's family and friends.

"He wasn't a violent man," said Foster's friend Mike McConnell.

"If you ever had the privilege of knowing him, he was your friend, and he would help you through anything you needed," said Foster's friend Selena Snell .

And they said they don't plan on giving up the search for answers anytime soon.

"Justice, this is not Scooter's final moment, this is just the beginning," said Kris Foster.

With a heavy heart Kris Foster started his engine Sunday wishing it was under different circumstances. This was his last ride with his brother and his last chance to say goodbye.

"I love you bro, this is all for you, 100 percent, and we're going to ride like we've never ridden before. Definitely, just like he's been riding next to me my whole life," said Foster.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office consulted with the state attorney's office last week in what it called a routine meeting. No charges have been filed against Foster's girlfriend Shantal Acevedo.

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