Mourners Gather at Tommy Oliver Stadium to Honor Sandy Hook Victims

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There wasn't a dry eye at Tommy Oliver Stadium in Panama City Wednesday night as a small crowd gathered to honor those who lost their lives in last week's Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

With candles burning bright and prayers drifting through the night air, the raw emotions were palpable. Perhaps the most touching moment came when Bay District School's Dr. John Haley read each of the 26 victim's names while children carried poinsettias to the stage.

"It's hard. I have a six year old, so it's hard going to bed every night knowing I can tuck my child in and they cant," said Sierra Venible, mother of a 6 year old child.

Newtown may be some 1,300 miles from Panama City, but as with Wednesday's vigil and the countless others across the country the past week, this tragedy has undoubtedly struck a chord in the hearts of the entire nation.

"You're in our prayers. We'll won't ever forget it," said Venible.

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