Movember Raises Awareness for Cancer in Men

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Maybe you've noticed it, all November long, normally clean shaven men are sporting some facial hair. They come in all shapes and sizes. There is the "Ron Swanson" the "French guy" even the "handsome weather man." No matter the style, it's all for the same cause.

J.J. Owen, the Head of Grassroots Engagement for Movember, says "I think men's health kinda gets over looked, not because people don't want to focus on it, but because it's the nature of men."

Ryan Crawford used to be one those guys who didn't want to talk about his health, until at age 19, when doctors gave him some pretty scary news.

"It was malignant testicular cancer, it spread to my lymph nodes, my lungs, all throughout my body." he also says

Ryan discovered his cancer in late stage two. Unfortunately, late detection in men is all too common.

A Hematology Oncologist Doctor, John Nanfro, added "Often times the wife will offer to drive a guy in to get an exam. She says, 'I am giving myself breast exams, what are you doing?' But they guy thinks, 'Ahh, you know what? I'm fine. I'm the tough guy in the family.'"

But the statistics show there is a very real need for men to get screened. One in two men will get cancer in their lifetimes. And men are 35% more likely to get prostate cancer than women are to get breast cancer.

Ryan added, "You know, testicular cancer effects one in every thirty men and kills one in every 100 men. Which is a little crazy when you realize its 2013 and we are talking about a highly curable cancer...killing men." For Ryan, his mustache helps him share his story. "People will ask, you know, cause I'm always clean shaven. They will say, what the heck is that on your lip? Then I start talking to them about Movember."

Ultimately, the campaign is not just about the beard. It's not about the money raised for research. It's about the conversation started, its about getting guys to sit in the chair, because let's me honest, we don't like to be there.

J.J. Owen also added "The life blood of the organization is the conversations have as a result. We did do some research and one mustache generates about 2,400 conversations. So we are hoping that it is kind of creating a little cultural revolution in men's health in terms of getting guys to be proactive. "

To donate money or for more information about Movember, click on the link below.

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