Murder Indictment

WASHINGTON COUNTY-- A Washington County Grand Jury has indicted two Alabama men in the April murder of a local man.

23 year old Zachary Taylor Wood and 21 year old Dillon Scott Rafsky are each charged with one count of first degree murder.

The two Geneva, Alabama men are accused of killing of 66 year old James William Shores, a retired Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer.

Investigators say the pair was mudding when the stolen Jeep got stuck near Shores' house on Dauphin Road, just north of Vernon.

They allegedly ransacked the house, then returned to the Jeep.

Shores supposedly showed-up and told them to get off his property.

But authorities say Wood and Rafsky beat Shores with a garden hoe, tied him up, tried to set him on fire, then shot him in the back of the head.

They allegedly stole Shores' car, drove back to the Dothan area, where they got into a shoot-out with Alabama State Troopers.

Others were eventually arrested.

Alabama authorities discovered the car belonged to Shores, called Washington County authorities, who discovered the murder scene.

Wood and Rafsky are being held in the Washington County Jail without bond.

They're also facing attempted murder charges in Alabama for allegedly shooting a state trooper.