Murder Suspect Speaks Out a Day Before Her Trial

Murder suspect Judy Gsell demonstrates how she claims her husband's neck was broken.
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Less than 24 hours from the start of her first degree murder trial, Judy Gsell maintained her innocence during NewsChannel 7's jailhouse interview Tuesday.

"Did you murder your husband Raymond Gsell?" NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson asked her.

"No sir I did not. I had no part of it," answered Gsell.

Although she admitted to being drunk and drugged that night back in January, Gsell claimed her husband's death was all at the hands of her friend Dawn Ross, who took a plea deal in the case in exchange for her testimony against Gsell.

"Dawn came across the couch and began strangling him with an extension cord, and then she took his neck and just popped his neck like you would a rooster or a chicken or something," said Gsell.

"You didn't feel like you needed to call 911?" asked Anderson.

"I was so scared that she was going to kill me. I didn't know what to do. I just said let's get out of here. And I just thought we'd give it a while, and have a few drinks, and come back and he'd be up and everything would be ok," Gsell answered.

Gsell said they left his lifeless body until the next morning, when she claimed Ross stuffed it in the freezer.

"What were you thinking as you saw your husband's body being dragged into a freezer?" Anderson asked Gsell.

"I had to go in the kitchen. I was puking. I could just not believe what was happening," Gsell told Anderson, "I'm a kind, loving, caring, warm person. I would never hurt anyone."

"Do you understand why many people would find it hard to believe saying you're a kind, loving, warm person, but you allegedly witnessed someone murdering your husband, and you didn't do anything about it?" asked Anderson.

"I wasn't in my right mind." answered Gsell.

Facing life in prison if convicted, Tuesday she plead for mercy claiming she has less than a year to live.

"I'm in the last cronic stages of scerosis of the liver. I have a life out there. I have a daughter. I souldn't be here. I need to be in a retirement home," said Gsell.

"What about your husband's life and his family?" asked Anderson.

"Yes, I am very sorry to them, I have written apology letters to them and I don't know what else to say," Gsell said.

"You don't take any responsibility for his death?" Anderson asked Gsell.

"I take responsibility, yes. I should have called the police immediately. It's still just like a nightmare just going over and over and over," answered Gsell.

A nightmare a jury will have to decide what role Gsell played in. Opening statements are expected to start Wednesday morning at 8:30.

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