Macedonia Shooting Update

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PANAMA CITY -- New details tonight about last weeks shooting at the Macedonia Gardens Apartment complex.

Panama City Police released photos today of the van they believe the suspects were riding in. They say the van is believed to be a 2004 to 2007 Chrysler or Dodge minivan.

They say the vehicle does not have a luggage rack, which is common for this type of vehicle. It also has tinted windows, except for the front two.

Police believe the suspects are two males wearing white tank top style t-shirts.

Detectives are asking the public for help identifying the vehicle.
The van was last seen heading East on West 17th street.

Police say one of the best resources in solving crimes is the community.

Officer Richard Thore of the Panama City Police Department says, "Each time that we get a new lead that is our wish to get it out to the public. Like i said if someone thought insignificant at one time, but now see this van may be able to help us out and get us in a better direction as to locating and or identifying the subjects."

Officials are asking that if anyone has seen this van to notify them immediately to Crimestoppers at 850-785-TIPS.