NAACP Youth Council Educates Public on Black History

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PANAMA CITY -- Some locals and NAACP members are spending this Sunday night remembering history. Sunday night's lesson was about how different strategies of protest and activism impacted the Civil Rights movement.

New members of the NAACP Youth Council say they enjoyed learning about past history.

Inside the Bay County library members of the community watched listened and took in information about events from the past.

Lawrence Williams has been a youth council member for about two months. It was his first time attending the Bay County NAACP Youth Council's Black History Month program. He says now he has a better understanding of struggles from the past.

NAACP Youth Council Member Lawrence Williams said, "We can make a difference now in society, not just sit around and saying 'oh I want to make a difference. But to actually do it, because if they can do it why can't we? "

Sunday night leader spoke about the Freedom Riders movement in 1961. The movement was a push for change and desegregation, to get become the society we are today.

Leaders want to educate the public about history and how historical struggles paved the way for future changes.

NAACP Youth Event Organizer King David Smith said, "Black history is American history and American history is world history and you don't know where you're going until you know where you're from."

NAACP Youth Council members like Williams are glad they have the opportunity to learn about their past heritage.

"I learned a lot more that what i knew before i came here and i think it's good for young people to learn more about our history," Williams said.

Bay county NAACP members will continue Black History recognition at the "Blacks in Wax" exhibition inside the A.D. Harris learning village cafeteria.
That event will begin Monday at 4 pm.