NAACP Youth Council Holds Breakfast At Applebee’s

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PANAMA CITY -- Some members in the community showed their support simply by purchasing breakfast.

The NAACP Youth Council of Bay County held their first fundraiser event for the year. Saturday’s earnings will promote youth leadership in Bay County.

Three hours earlier than the scheduled opening time Applebee’s doors were open at 8:00 Saturday morning.

"I'm here in support of the local NAACP Youth Council Chapter and to enjoy some good breakfast! (laughs)," said Tanisha Peterson, Panama City resident.

Breakfast included all you can eat pancakes and sausage and it was only $5.

The NAACP Youth Council is promoting civic leadership for their youth chapter. Funds from Saturday’s morning's breakfast will go toward things like historical trips.

"It’s just something to keep them…keep us out of like trouble because when you're kind of idle minded…don't have anything to do…we kind of pull into different things. So if you're kind of idle-minded we wanna pull you into something positive,” said Ashley Frink.

Frink has been the NAACP Youth Chapter president for a year. She says the group is planning for a historical trip this upcoming summer.

In the past, the youth council took a history and cultural trip to Montgomery, Alabama for a civil rights tour.

"We have a lot of youth out there with so much potential and sometimes they don't really have many opportunities to put it somewhere,” Frink said.

"I think it's just imperative that we just continue that tradition of excellence and of culture, especially in this area here,” Peterson said.

The youth chapter raised nearly $300 from today's breakfast.