Burglary Ring Busted in Jackson County

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Chipley- Law enforcement officials got a break Monday in a burglary case that spanned a three month period. Jackson County Sheriff's Deputies spotted an SUV stolen from central Florida. Inside they found three men and thousands of dollars in stolen property. But, a fourth suspect remains at large.

Timothy Adam Driggers (27), Jessie Allen Perell (23) and William David Dean (27) were facing a variety of charges in connection with a large scale burglary ring.

Authorities said the men stole and shoplifted TVs, jewelry, electronics, gas powered yard tools and a 4-wheeler from homes and businesses in Washington and Holmes counties. The group also stole a Chevrolet Equinox from central Florida. Prior to their arrests, none of the men had ever been in trouble with the law.

"This is not something we have found they have been charged with in the past" explained Washington County Sheriff, Bobby Haddock.

Experienced or not, victims Wendi and Jeff Cail told us the burglary at their home was traumatizing.

"I just really feel unsafe" Wendi said recounting the event. "I mean, now I feel a little safer with the security system, but you just feel violated. That's your home."

The Cail's lost $4000 worth of electronics, family heirloom jewelry and pictures of their son's birth. Investigators located the jewelry at a Bay County pawn shop, but the baby pictures have yet to be found.

"I mean, it's bringing tears to my eye's now. You can't replace that stuff" Cail said.

Three of the four suspects in connection with the burglaries were put behind bars Monday in the Washington County jail. But the 4th suspect, Terry Neal Cain of Vernon, remains at large. Officials and victims told us they were eager to see him brought to justice.

"If you do the crime, you should do the time in my book" Wendi said.
Haddock added, "We hope he sees [this story on TV], and turns himself in. Let's get it over with."

Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers.

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