NFREC Teaches Cattlemen How to Make the Most of Their Cash Cow

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Greenwood- Local ranchers said they eagerly anticipated field day every 18 months.

"I think I've been to every one for the last ten years, and I haven't yet been to one that I didn't learn something I didn't know before" Zane Walden, president of the Jackson County Cattlemen Association said.

Things like, how to know if some of the cows in his herd were pregnant.

"it's pretty easy not to know a cow's pregnant because she doesn't show any signs she's pregnant until late term" he explained. And not knowing became an expensive problem for him.

"You're carrying a cow for a year and she doesn't have a calf- you've got no income for that expense" he said. And its $300 to $400 a year to carry that cow, which in some years is what you get off a calf. So, you can't afford to have too many misses."

Unfortunately 'misses' happen a lot Walden said. That's why Thursday, NFREC taught ranchers how to read ultra sounds and other perform other tests to check Bessie for a possible pregnancy.

The latest innovation is blood testing- an option Walden felt really good about.

"At $2.50 , $3.00 a cow, it's extremely economical" Walden explained. "For a ranch my size, 150 head of cattle, for what it would cost me to loose one calf I can pay to test the entire heard."

Researchers said blood testing also saved ranchers money on costly veterinarian visits because cattle ranchers could draw the blood themselves..

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