NOAA Rip Current Alert Notifications

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Local authorities are making final preparations in advance of the big spring break crowds.

The main goals are to keep the order and maintain public safety.
Mix thousands of breakers with alcohol and a strong rip current, and you have a recipe for disaster.

"When you have just the volume of people that you have in some of these areas there is going to be something that happens, said Allison Marshall, Beach & Surf Patrol.

Panama City Beach officials say most of their surf problems happen where the students congregate the most.

They tend to meet at the County Pier.

That's where most issues happen during spring break.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will start adding a rip current statement to weather advisories sent over the phone.

Marshall said, "Like the weather statement like if a tornado is coming or if any other severe weather is coming."

Beach Police and Bay County Sheriff's Deputies are also working to curb beach traffic problems.

The worst congestion happens from Thomas drive to Joan Avenue and back down to front beach road, an area called 'The Triangle.'

The message is the same, be safe, and be smart.

Beach Patrol officials say the NOAA rip current notification system will be sent to all cells phones in the area.