NTSB Moves Plane Wreckage After Deadly Crash to Georgia

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SANDY CREEK - National Transportation Safety Board officials are about to begin the bulk of their investigation of this week's deadly plane crash near Sandy Creek. They removed the wreckage from the woods this afternoon for the trip to a salvage and storage facility near Atlanta.

NewsChannel 7 obtained exclusive video of the first up-close view of the beech bonanza that crashed near the Sandy Creek Airpark Wednesday.

Investigators say the majority of the aircraft remained in-tact. So far they haven't spotted anything unusual.

"At this point, no, we haven't found anything out of the ordinary. We're still very early in the investigation and a lot of work is left to do," said Ralph Hicks, Lead NTSB Investigator.

Bay County Sheriff's deputies received a call Wednesday morning from Tyndall Air Force Base officials, reporting the crash about a mile from the Sandy Creek Airpark runway.

52 year old Larry Eli Caison was flying from West Palm Beach to Destin, where he co-owned Grey Aviation. Apparently Caison's plane lost engine power, so he attempted an emergency landing at Sandy Creek, but he fell short.

Authorities say Caison died in the crash. Some residents are now thinking twice about flying again.

"I suppose you think about things like that. We're all out here pretty careful and try to maintain their airplanes up, but yeah, it makes you think about it a little bit and it does in a crash in a car too," said Richard Smith, a Sandy Creek resident.

Others aren't too worried.

"You don't really think too much about that. You know, when you go to drive your car, you don't think you're going to run off into a ditch," said Frank Carpenter, another Sandy Creek resident.

Investigators say they'll examine the plane's fuel system, which was damaged during the crash.

NTSB investigators will be issuing a preliminary report about the crash in about a week. The entire investigation could take up to 9 months to complete.