NTSB Releases Cause of July 2012 Plane Crash at Sandy Creek Airfield

A Callaway man's flight to Alaska came to a quick and disastrous end last summer when he failed to drain all the water out of his fuel tanks.

That's the finding of the investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board.

Jeffrey Menell had just taken off from the Sandy Creek Airfield in his 1948 Cessna on July 11th, 2012 when it lost power and ended up in a retention pond.

Prior to the crash, Menell had logged more than 10,000 hours as a pilot.

The Cessna 170 had been sitting idle for an extended period before its ill-fated flight.

Menell found water in both fuel tanks and drained them but didn't get all of the water out causing the plane to loss power at take off.