Firefighter Remembers 9/11 in Panama City

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Tuesday marked the 11th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks that took the lives of nearly 3,000 people--a somber day as Americans remember the events that have forever changed the way we live.

In Panama City, locals gathered at the marina where a memorial stands in honor of those who died that fateful day. The memorial features and eagle on top of a pentagon with two towers behind it. Surrounding that are four benches, one for each plane that went down.

Tuesday's event featured music, the rendering of honors, as well as the ringing of the four fives. The four fives is a symbol used by the fire service to announce the passing of a fire department member, whether currently on the job or retired.

Panama City Fire Chief Wayne Watts as well as Commissioner Billy Radar spoke to the crowd.

One of those attendees has an especially close tie to the attacks 11 years ago--he was working as a firefighter in New York City.

"I was shocked, amazed that something like this could happen in our country," said Mark Bruhmuller, now retired and living in Bay County."But after the towers started going down and there were putting the message out for need of help with the recovery search, and my whole emotion changed and that was my feeling, I needed to get down there."

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