National Support for Parasailing Accident Victims

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As you're probably aware, that cell phone video of two Indiana teens, crashing into a Panama City beach condo Monday afternoon has been seen all over the world.

The girls were parasailing when the tow line apparently broke, sending them smashing into the top of the high-rise, then, crashing into the parking lot.

People all over the country are now following the two 17 year old's progress and praying for their recovery.

"Dispatch: Sheriff's Office, 911. Do you have an emergency?"
"Caller: Yes, ma'am, we are at the Commodore and a parasail just smashed into the top of it."
"Dispatch: Okay. You're at the commodore?"
"Caller: Hurry, hurry, hurry."
"Dispatch: Okay."
"Caller: It smashed into the top of it."

911 operators fielded about half a dozen of these calls Monday afternoon from witnesses who saw this horrific scene.

"Dispatch: Sheriff's office, 911. Do you have an emergency?"
"Caller: Yeah. Do you all have paramedics on the way here across from venture out? Parasail broke loose and the whole fire department just went on scene."
"Dispatch: Yeah. They said that they slammed into the building. Somebody else said that they were in the water."
"Caller: No they landed at power lines in front of the building. You're going to need two paramedic units in route."
"Dispatch: Okay. We've got lots of people in route."

These people were the first to extend a hand to 17 year olds Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild.

Since then, there's been an outpouring of concern, hopes and prayers in Bay County, back in their home state of Indiana, and across the nation.

One of the girls' uncles brought large get well cards Thursday when he flew into town.

Friends back home made the cards and hundreds of people, even total strangers, signed them.

It seems as though everyone in Indiana is concerned about the teens.

"We got a good report tonight. I'm so encouraged to hear the progress those young ladies are making after that accident this week," said Indiana Governor, Mike Pence.

Bay Medical Center officials tell NewsChannel 7 both girls continue to see improvements, but they still have a long road ahead.

Sidney Good is still in critical condition and is expected to get neck surgery when she becomes stable.

Both families have started an account to help pay for the girls' medical expenses. You can make donations to the Good and Fairchild Benefit Fund at PNC Bank.