National Weather Service Confirms Jackson County Tornado

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The National Weather Service has determined that it was indeed tornadoes that hit the Campbellton area Tuesday night. Weather service officials surveyed the damages this morning to make that decision.
Jackson Emergency Management Officials joined workers from the National Weather Service's office in Tallahassee Thursday morning, at Jackson County sites hit by possible tornadoes.
"So we're just taking the national weather service along so we can get a better idea of what strength this tornado was,’ said Jackson County Emergency Management Director, Rodney Andreasen. “We're showing them the track of the system and the damage so they can make a determination.”
Officials spent about two hours following the storm tracks.
"Usually straight line winds and tornados produce slightly different indicators with the damage, the way the debris is blown," explains National Weather Service’s Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Jeffry Evans.
They say it wasn't difficult for them to confirm at least 2-tornados hit the area Tuesday night.
"We had winds consistent with a low end ef1 tornado at this location,” said Evans. “So that's winds about 90 to 100 miles an hour."
Based on the Campbellton damages, they say that area may have been hit by more than 1-tornado.
"That one looked like it had either had two places of damage or it was consistent in skipping along in a single track. That's why we're not sure between two or three tornadoes," he explained.
One homeowner's roof blew off his house and onto his car. Another homeowners lost 2-storage buildings worth about 5-thousand dollars.
Luckily no one was hurt.
Andreasen says the county hopes to have the tornado damages cleaned up soon.