Nationally Recognized Local Ice Cream Shop Up for Sale

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PANAMA CITY BEACH -- A family business in Panama City Beach is up for sale.

The nationally acknowledged ice cream shop attracts thousands of visitors, including the first lady in July.

If you're craving a sweet treat on a hot day in Panama City Beach then the Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar is usually where locals go to cool down.

However, after four years the owners have decided to sell.

Business owner Rick Dorman said, “It's been a great venture and it's been a lot of fun, but we are looking forward to getting back close to our family.”

Dorman says he and his family are moving to Seattle to be closer to family.

The Pink Pelican was voted the second best ice cream shop in the nation by TripAdvisor back in July.

When you ask the customers, they say it’s number one.

Ice cream lover Sean Fields said, “Every time you come by this place you can’t even come in here in the summer time. This is actually our time of the year to get on in here and enjoy it. It's the one time that it’s not really crowded."

The owner's plan to take time to find the perfect fit.

"We'd like them to continue to run it the way we have run it and continue to sell our ice cream as well,” Dorman said.

The shop has been on the market for a few weeks now.