Need to Exchange a Gift You Didn't Like? Be Prepared for a Crowd

The day after Christmas is typically one of the busiest return days of the year, stores are busy from the time they open their doors until closing.
"We have a lot of people coming in to spend their gift cards, also returning items that didn't work or they got duplicates of," said Abigail Wright, the home sales manager at best buy.
But Best Buy was not just busy because of returns, many people loved their gifts, they just needed help learning how to use them, or wanted to accessorize.
PC Sales Associates, Mik Thomas and Albert Blackburn were on their feet all day, helping those people out.
"A lot of people are coming in for tech help and accessories," said Blackburn.
"Making sure they get all the accessories they need, that's probably the biggest thing today, all the accessories for tablets," Thomas added.
Across the street at Books-A-Million, most people were not returning, they were buying.
"I'm using my gift card,” said one customer. “One of them is from my wife and one is from my niece."
If you are going to be returning or exchanging an item, make sure you check the store's return policy before hand.
And if you are planning on returning something this week, be prepared for a long wait.

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