Dispute Over Missing Dog Leads to Shooting, Two Hospitalized

PONCE De LEON, Fla. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office was called to 102 Seymore Road, Ponce De Leon, Wednesday night shortly after 7 p.m., when shots were fired.

James Farrell Davis Jr., 55, of 10228 County Highway 3280, unlawfully walked onto the property of Heather Sue Carden, 26, and Joseph Justice, 31, at 102 Seymour Road. Davis confronted Carden and Justice about his dog being missing.

Davis was armed with a pistol grip shotgun and fired the shotgun towards Justice, striking him. Davis, then pursued Justice into his home and a struggle took place.

A second shot was fired during the struggle but did not strike anyone and Justice was able to secure a hammer and struck Davis in the head.

Severeal Walton County deputies arrived on the scene along with EMS and the fire department.

Both weapons were secured by deputies along with a Semi-Automatic pistol that was found on Davis. Davis and Justice were transported to Bay County Medical/Sacred Heart in Panama City for their injuries and both are currently in stable condition

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