New Advances in Cataract Surgery

As you get older your vision usually changes. But, some changes you might think are normal, could actually be a cataract or some other problem requiring medical attention.

"Often there's different things we can do, cataract surgery and other things to improve their vision, says local Ophthalmologist Bret Fisher." Cataract surgery has come a long way.

Instead of 'one size fits all' doctors can can now customize surgery to your specific needs.

One of the latest advances is laser assisted cataract surgery.

"What is really interesting about this is that it has caused a revolution in improving the accuracy of cataract surgery. Letting more people go without glasses after cataract surgery for their daily activities. It's really improved the precision of what we're doing immensely," says Fisher.

It's a 2-part surgery. "First there is the laser portion of it, which is used to correct astigmatism, make some incisions that I work through, pre-treat the cataract to make it easier to remove in the operating room which improves the safety of the procedure and the efficiency of it and improves the outcome. Then the patient goes right into an adjoining room where we finish the cataract surgery, remove the clouded natural lens, put the new lens implant in and the patient is good to go."

If you're a lifelong eyeglass wearer, and would love to ditch them, there are a number of options."Whether you have just kind of a normal cataract or you have astigmatism or you have some other problem. If you don't want to wear glasses after surgery, if you just want to wear them for reading, versus the old days when everybody kind of got the same surgery, now it's very customized it's very individualized, and that's very, very important."

Dr. Fisher stresses the importance of a yearly visit to the eye doctor, especially if you're over 40, to check for cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration.

If you have more questions about your surgery options, the Eye Center of North Florida is holding a cataract seminar at the main office on highway 77, Thursday July 17 from 5:30 to 7:30. To RSVP call 784-3937.