New Asphalt for Airports Starts up in the Panhandle

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NICEVILLE A new form of asphalt that could have a great impact on airports across the county has started off right here in the panhandle.

The engineering company, AVCON, and a Lynn Haven engineer have partnered together to create this new asphalt that holds up to higher temperatures and is fuel resistant.

The first test of the new asphalt came two years ago when AVCON repaved the north apron at the Bob Sikes Airport in Crestview.

A part the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport was also repaved with this new asphalt.

Neither party has put a patent on the formula.

"What we were able to do at the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, was not only to get the FAA to approve the specification at the airport, but also they funded the construction of the terminal push back apron at the commercial airport,” said Lee Lewis, Regional Manager for AVCON.

Lewis said Wednesday morning, he received calls from an airports in Kentucky and South Florida interested in the new product.