New Boulevard Ten Cinema In Walton County

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With more than two hundred fifty theaters and twenty-five hundred screens in thirty-five states, Carmike Cinema is the fourth largest theatre company in the US. So it's already known for quality entertainment.

"Well I think that we're really known for is guest experience. So you can go to any Carmike theater and people are going to greet you warmly. You're going to know you're appreciated. The presentation on the screen is going to be very well done. The popcorn is going to be the best in the country. So we really are your hometown theater" said Marketing Director for Carmike Cinemas Terrell Mayton.

But Carmike's latest multi-plex is raising the stakes. After a year of construction, the Boulevard Ten opened last week, offering tourists and locals the most unique experience anywhere in Florida. One of the big attractions is the Big D Theater.

"It has the Big D experience which is our large format three and a half story tall screen with sixty feet wide which has high back plush leather seats like the ones we're sitting in" said Mayton.

This is only the seventeenth Big D screen in Carmike's entire chain. Beyond the ten movie theaters that the Carmike Ten has, it also has a dining club where viewers can order food as they watch their movie.

"Our ovation dining club is dinner and a movie. It's a great menu that's tested well in national taste testing. But everything from incredible seafood dishes, great appetizers wonderful deserts" said Mayton.

The Boulevard Ten is only the second of its kind. The original is in Chattanooga. Each pair of seats is equipped with a call button to receive table-side service. But the differences don't stop there. The theater features an unconventional open lobby floor plan.

"The fact there's no box office here. It's fast pass through the lobby. Get your ticket, get your concessions" said Mayton.

All of this, and the latest movie from Hollywood. You must be twenty-one years old to buy a ticket for the ovation cafe. The Boulevard Ten is open seven days a week