New Commander at Naval Support Activity - Panama City

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Naval Support Activity-Panama City has a new Commander.

Commander Christopher Serow took over from Commander Anthony Anglin today after a 2 year posting.

Anglin will be moving close to his family, but leaving behind some good friends.

Commander Anthony J. Anglin stood in front of his fellow officers as a Commander of Naval Support Activity Panama City for the last time Friday morning.

He's passing the torch to the new CO, Commander Christopher Serow.

Anglin will be heading to San Diego for his new assignment as an Operations Officer for Navy Region Southwest.

He'll be reuniting with family in that area.

But Anglin as says he'll miss his command in Panama City, something that finally hit home Thursday night.

Former US Navy Commander Anglin explains, "It was myself and Commander Serow talking, and I noticed that as part of the flow of the conversation, it wasn't my decision anymore. It was something that had to be acted upon in short order but it was his decision, and that's when it really hit me. It was like, 'okay, this is really going to be over.'"

Bay Defense Alliance President Tom Neubauer says, "I've gotten to know Commander Anglin and many of the people that work here on the NSAPC. It's a great place to visit but we're always glad to see a new Commander come in and make his mark."

US Navy Commander Christopher Serow says, "Obviously it's a very exciting day. One of those things you've waited your whole career to do."

Commander Serow comes to NSAPC from Omaha, Nebraska where he was responsible for Strategic Policy and Doctrine Analysis for the United States Strategic Command.

He says he plans to maintain the base's close relationship with the community, "We have a phenomenal relationship with people outside across the fence line. I really look forward to working with everybody out there."

Commander Serow will assume his full duties in September.

Commander Anglin will continue to work in the engineering field inspecting ships.