New Destin Mayor takes Oath of Office

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Destin's new Mayor and two new City Council members took their oaths of office Monday night.

Mel Ponder says he's anxious to begin his duties as mayor.

The former council member says he is excited to once again be serving the people of Destin and looking forward to working with all the council members.

Ponder also says he has a few plans for the city.

"I am really excited to be working with the different facets of the community and really bringing them together, because really the City of Destin has an overall vision that we are all called to help fulfill. And as individual parts come together in unity towards fulfilling that, and I think the future of the City of Destin is really bright,” Ponder said.

Councilmen Rodney Braden won his seat on Friday, beating former Councilmen Tom Weidenhamer with a cut of the cards.

The two were tied after several recounts.