New Details Emerge in Fatal Shooting of Panama City Beach Man

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Panama City Beach- A bullet hole and dried blood were the only reminders left Tuesday of what took place during last weekend's fatal shooting of Panama City Beach resident William Foster.

"We want to make sure justice is served and one way or another something will happen," said Foster's brother Kris Foster.

Foster's family and friends are holding on to their claim Foster's girlfriend Shantal Acevedo acted in cold blood. Investigators, though, said it still appeared she was defending herself. Bay County Sheriff's officials met with the State Attorney's office Tuesday morning to discuss their findings so far, and nothing yet, according to them, pointed to murder.

"The evidence gathered and the statement's they've taken would indicate this is a case of self defense," said Bay County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Ruth Corley.

Kris Foster said he doesn't buy that, pointing out the number of times Acevedo shot him. According to the sheriff's office he was hit twice in the right leg, once in the left, and once in the left shoulder, a total of four bullets all fired from short range.

"It's still murder, it doesn't matter. You can't change that. Self defense would have been a single shot, wound them and run," said Foster.

But sheriff's officials said it's not that easy.

"They're going to take the evidence in totality. They're not only going to take what they found in the body and the condition of the body, but what her story and statement has been and also the statements of others," said Corley.

Foster's family was finalizing plans Tuesday for a memorial service this Saturday. They're also planning a "Run for the Son" motorcycle ride Sunday.

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