New Dive Shop to Open in Downtown Panama City

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PANAMA CITY -- A new dive shop is making its way to downtown Panama City. The Marina is opening up some new spaces and it’s all part of a revitalization effort to bring more business to Panama City.

In about three months adventure diving will be open ready to service anyone with an interest in diving.
The shop used to be in northern Bay County but the owners chose a new location.

Adventure Diving Owner Fred Freeman said, "Its much better I mean look at the view. Out our window is the pass, you know. You can see beautiful St. Andrews bay out there and shell island you can see from our window. Our students you know...we had dolphins our here this morning it was great."

Co-owners Fred and Derek chose the downtown marina area because with revitalization efforts, they feel the area will become more popular business location.

The shop will offer things like CPR classes, scuba diving instructional training courses and licenses.

"We're going to supply nitrox, air fills all kinds of gear sales and gear repair and stuff like that; things that the local person traditionally the local person has to go to the beach to get now or out to Callaway to get. So were going to enable them to get it all right here,” Freeman said.

The duo opened the shop in November; they say they just enjoy teaching what they love.

Adventure Diving Owner Derek Villiard said, "If we're not teaching we're off diving, taking new classes. We're both constantly taking classes learning everything we can."

Owners plan to have the shop open for business in April. If you are interested in diving they also encourage you to give them a call at 850-312-8170. They are located on 111 W. Beach Drive Panama City.